First of all, thank you for visiting my website!

My name is Willemijn, I am 19 years old. I live in Huizen, near Amsterdam. I live there with my parents, brother and sister. I study University of Applied Sciences (photography) in Amsterdam.

Photography for me is giving my fantasy and creativity freedom. Taking portraits of people is something I can never stop doing. I love working with people. There are so many humans on earth, everyone is different. And that makes everybody special in their own way. They all have unique expressions, using those emotions in a photo can, in my opinion create something very nice.

In the future I would like to make a lot more portraits in all kind of different ways. I think that's a nice 'goal' to work to. Right now I photograph many things, animals, for magazines, series etc, I really like that!

I've created this site so I can show you photo's that I took and that I think are good enough to publish. It will probably change a lot during the days, so keep updated ;) ! I also own a blog on this site. You can find stories there about places where I've been or products that I've bought, and think you should know about! I will always upload photo's so you have a visual image of my story.

If you have any tips or if you just want to ask/tell me something please let me know! Or just give me a call +31 6 23 94 68 66 ;).

Lots of love,


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